7 thoughts on “Tulip”

  1. CocoBee says:

    I love your clarity of lines and minimalistic style!
    Side tangent, if you don’t mind me asking, how do you get such “clean” shots of your work? Where do you photograph them? I always seems to have an issue of lighting when I take pictures of my work indoors :/


    • Thanks so much for your love to my lines Coco Bee 🙂
      I don’t mind anyone asking anything 🙂 I am happy people are interested.
      I don’t use photos to put on my blog. I scan the drawings in 600 dpi and then prepare them in photoshop (I change the contrast and brightness usually, somehow the blacks tend to be more grey on the scans). The resolution of the pictures doesn’t have to be too big on the screen so I make the scans smaller before putting them here on D is for doodle. If I remember correctly, the size recommended for the theme is ca. 1300×1300 px.
      I make photos with my phone (not super good ones) and then I put them on instagram or Facebook – you can see how they look – nothing special.
      But on the blog just scans.
      Try scanning 🙂 looks much cleaner and accurate in my opinion.

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      • CocoBee says:

        ahhh, I completely forgot you can use the scanner -___-”’ Thank you for the tip! Any suggestions for pieces too big for the scanner?


  2. Hi there 🙂 If you have pieces that are too big to scan – you can photograph them, but for this I’d recommend using a camera (not phone), with a fixed lens (to avoid distortions on the edge, like in wide angle lens), a tripod, and (most important) 2 sources of white light (I guess nowadays you can just fix a pale white strong LED), or a reflector. Hope it helps 🙂


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