Lavender night


16 thoughts on “Lavender night”

  1. Thanks for dropping by our blog and leading us to you! Really love your work, all the pieces are fantastic. I wish my doodles were as awesome as yours! (: following you on wp and ig, and favouriting on etsy! ❀

    P.S. I feel a kinship with you as my Christian name begins with D too (;

    xo Jia from honeyandgazelle


    • Hei Jia,
      Nice to hear there are some more Ds here πŸ™‚
      Thanks for follows, I feel so happy to have such fans πŸ™‚ I am doing my best here.
      Thanks so much for favoring on etsy. After a while there I changed to Society 6
      I find it more suitable for me, I don’t really have time to print and ship stuff, and they do it more professionally I believe, my prints were not so great.
      How do you deal with all the practical issues with your artwork?
      Love from Norway ❀


      • Hi D!
        honey&gazelle is also actually on Society6, we just haven’t gotten our products up yet. (: we will admire you there too!
        Hmmm, it is pretty convenient for us in terms of processing (printing + shipping), as we live really near a professional printer and also a post office.
        We do prefer Society6 too, as they print and ship (: I like that they do various product offerings too! Need to get our products on it! (:
        xx Jia (from Singapore!)


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