Month: July 2015

Manx in color

And it’s not the end, those colors are so juicy and energizing! Feels like swimming in a cool cool water on a hot day! I hope you all enjoy the summer like I do! If you like it, share it with your friends 🙂



Ta dam! Presenting a sweet birthday card for my friend Jaga whom we are visiting in Paris this summer! My doodling around Nature’s perfect white Campanula. The original drawing is only one, but you can find more flowers on gadgets from the shop, instagram or facebook page. […]



This one is inspired by Boch’s poem Morning, Dare. It’s not the first time I draw something for Boch, in march he used my hand lost in cosmos for his amazing Tilt!


Cat hair. Always in fashion.

I have brought a bag of cat hair from my parent’s house. It’s amazing that two little beings can produce so much hair. More drawings and stuff on my instagram and facebook. Also, after my lovely romantic holiday I will upload more at the shop, so […]

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