Fish and bubbles


18 thoughts on “Fish and bubbles”

    • Hi Sandra! So good to hear! Doodle doodle doodle! 🙂 So good for stress 🙂 Like meditation.
      And please if you like the drawing share with your friends!!

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      • Thanks a lot! It’s a really impressing blog 🙂 Seems you are a pro 🙂 I would be very happy to appear there!!!

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      • Oh, thanks a lot too! No, I’m not a pro 😄
        I am very happy, that you are happy about that! 😉 I just noticed you’ve got also a Shop – very cool! 👌 😍


    • Thanks, although the colors don’t really look like in the original.
      One question – when you do your work, is it (partly) done by hand and then scanned or you just make it 100% digitally?


      • It really varies from piece to piece! We have pieces that are mainly done by hand, then digitalised and enhanced. Other pieces have parts that are hand-drawn/written and then put together with digital illustrations etc, while we do have pieces that are 100% digitally constructed as well!

        For the colours, you can always adjust them in Photoshop or any graphic editing software!


  1. mysiteexists says:

    This is awesome even I would love to try some doodles and ur work is soooo inspirational, I m just loving it!


    • hello 🙂 I am so glad to read this! Don’t try, just do – as Master Yoda said – so do doodles!!
      If you like mine, please share them with your friends and invite them to the blog/facebook page!!
      Thanks and doodle!!

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