New header for D Is For Doodle


I had a lot of fun coloring my own stuff again! What do you think about the new header for the facebook page? Let me know here or, better yet, comment on facebook!

14 thoughts on “New header for D Is For Doodle”

  1. flavablogzine says:

    Where is the “Like all posts” button when you need one? amazing work, keep it up xoxo


    • wow such a compliment doesn’t come often 🙂 thanks so much. I saw you present art and artists on your blog – maybe you would like to publish some of my work??
      all the best from Oslo!

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      • flavablogzine says:

        Would be honored to do so. I will prepare some questions for you later to prepare my next post about you. AND I will post it on my personal instagram as well xoxo Afrah


      • Great. Just make the questions really easy please 🙂 and not too many. I prefer to show the illustrations more than talking, I am not exceptionally good in talking you see ☺☺

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      • flavablogzine says:

        LOL you and me are the same xoxo Will contact you soon. Have a super duper nice day/evening your time ❤


      • flavablogzine says:

        I sent you an email through your contact page. Not sure if you have received it.


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