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Blue bells

A recent trip to the botanical garden in Oslo has reminded me about my collection of pressed flowers I had hidden in my Bible, dictionaries and The Architecture of Hospital (very good, both to press flowers and to read). So here come the blue bells (also […]


Souvenirs from France

On the way back from France we stuffed our bags with cheese and saucisson. You can imagine the smell after several hours… in fact it smelled so much we lost our appetite for some time and most of the cheese disappeared in our flatmates’ stomachs. […]



Doodling around my keys… Do you like it? Share with your friends! Do you more than like them? Here you can find them on a bunch of gadgets – take them home! See more doodles and inspiration on instagram! Want to get all the news and […]


Shell collection

First drawing after my vacation by the sea… Watercolor shell collection also in the shop 🙂 Check it out! Enjoy all the beautiful photos, illustration of the process and inspiration! For news like D Is For Doodle on facebook. How was your summer?


Manx in color

And it’s not the end, those colors are so juicy and energizing! Feels like swimming in a cool cool water on a hot day! I hope you all enjoy the summer like I do! If you like it, share it with your friends 🙂



Ta dam! Presenting a sweet birthday card for my friend Jaga whom we are visiting in Paris this summer! My doodling around Nature’s perfect white Campanula. The original drawing is only one, but you can find more flowers on gadgets from the shop, instagram or facebook page. […]